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china international medical equipment fair

2014/7/15 17:07:12 click:2492

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my company in april 17 to 20, 2014 attended the china international medical equipment fair (cmef). china international medical equipment fair (cmef), was founded in 1979, the spring and autumn period and the two terms a year, after more than 30 years of continuous innovation, self-improvement, and has become the asia-pacific region's largest medical equipment and related products, services, exhibitions. cmfe every from more than 20 countries more than 2600 medical equipment manufacturing enterprises and more than 100 person-times of more than 100 countries and regions of the world's buyers and dealers of government procurement, hospital convergence cmef trading, exchanges; with the deep development of the exhibition to become more professional, has created the conference bbs, cmef imaging, cmef ivd, cmef it and brands icmd series of medical field cmef medical industry has become the largest professional medical procurement trading platform, release the best corporate image and specialized information center and academic, technical communication platform.


  cmef medical imaging zone: exhibits covers radiation, ultrasonic, and all kinds of imaging products in nuclear medicine. cmef imaging for domestic and foreign well-known image equipment suppliers to provide a more concentrated professional display platform, more medical institutions at all levels of terminal equipment procurement provided convenient channel. with the cmef imaging in the same period of academic seminars and related bbs, increase the communication between the exhibitors, technology research and development, and the end user communication opportunity, to promote the development of medical imaging technology in china.

  mixer cmef ivd professional exhibition area: in vitro diagnostic test (in vitro diagnostic tests, ivd) product market is the most complicated part of all medical equipment market, is also one of the most promising market segments. nearly two years of domestic ivd market especially fast, such as "a single pass" the new policy of gradually, opened up a bright market future, more ivd products cmef ivd professional exhibition since the 59th cmef opening 2008 widely received the exhibitors and professional audience's consistent high praise. professional exhibition is divided into for the domestic and foreign buyers for purchasing products provides a great convenience.  

  mixer cmef it exhibition; as china international medical equipment fair a new professional partitions, condensed the hospital's information industry development process, present hospital informatization using the latest technology, provides the hospital informationization products purchasing and update the most convenient way, also helps many hospital information suppliers develop medical field at home and abroad market.  

  in pieces "medical equipment soft technology (medisoft)" exhibition area: is china international medical equipment fair for medical equipment manufacturing enterprises and dealers, in the hospital customers with related services independent zone. area include: with his (hospital information management system), pacs (medical image storage and communication system) and ris (radiology information system) is a representative of software manufacturing; , rules and regulations in medical device registration consulting, the protection of intellectual property rights, media, represented by information service; as well as medical apparatus and instruments of financial leasing, teaching and logistics service, etc.

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